Things to keep in mind before buying an equestrian property

Things to keep in mind before buying an equestrian property

Purchasing an equestrian property is not at all similar to buying a house or a condo. So, be sure to keep the following things in mind for the best results!

It should have pastures, the right soil type, and a safe natural habitat

If you are taking help from the best real estate agent El Dorado County, be sure to ask him/her to shortlist equestrian properties that come with plenty of pastures.

Then, ensure that the property has sandy, loamy or organic soils.


Well, these are the soil types that are ideal for high quality grass – the source of food for your horses.

Last but not the least; the property should be devoid of toxic vegetation. This would ensure that even if your horses nibble on something other than the grains/grass you offer them, they won’t fall sick.

Riding arenas and appropriate fencing are must-haves!

According to the top realtor El Dorado Hills, the most sought-after attributes in an equestrian property, by most (if not all) buyers are:

  • Riding arenas and

  • Appropriate fencing.

With that stated, when one is looking at the riding arena(s) at an equestrian property they should keep an eye out for proper footing as well as efficient drainage. These will ensure that the riding arena(s) will be fit for use irrespective of the weather conditions/season.

Proper fencing, on the other hand – 

  • Increases the value of the property and

  • Ensures safety to your horses.

A stable or barn is a necessity, not a luxury!

As per the opinion of a top horse property realtor, most of the time, an equestrian property would come with either a barn or a stable, never both! On top of that, in a worst-case scenario, there wouldn’t be any of them! If that is the case, choose a property that has at least a barn, if not a stable! 

A barn or a stable will not only keep your horses safe, warm, and sheltered from the elements but will also act as a place where you can care for your four-legged friends.

A tack room is optional but still is a useful addition!

A tack room might not be on the top of your list of things you would want in your equestrian property but it is a good addition nevertheless!

With that stated, be sure that the tack room meets the following criteria:

  • It should be dry.

  • It should be safe.

  • Its position should be convenient enough.

  • It should have the capability to store more than a few saddles or blankets. It should be able to act as a storeroom for food, bridles, and related equipment you would need to maintain and run your equestrian property.

  • It should be equipped with proper insulation and appropriate lighting fixture and

  • It should have the ability to keep rodents at bay given it is to be used to store food for the horses.


In the end, it is best to keep in mind that if one follows the pieces of advice stated in the section above, one would end up buying the right equestrian property. Furthermore, be sure to set your priorities right before beginning your hunt for an equestrian property. If all else fails, you can always hire an equestrian property real estate agent, for the best results.

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