Simple Ways You Can Add Value To Your Equestrian Property

Simple Ways You Can Add Value To Your Equestrian Property

People here in the US seldom purchase a horse property as an investment.

Owning horses and an equestrian property is part of the American culture. But often, due to a financial emergency, people tend to sell off their horse properties quickly and in most cases, they fail to sell the property at the right price.


Well, as per the opinion of a leading realtor El Dorado Hills, this happens when a horse property has lost its value over the years.

Are there ways a horse property owner can add value to their property before selling it off so that they wouldn’t need to bear losses!?

Sure there are!

Here are some of the simple ways a horse property owner can add value to their equestrian property – 

Ensure your property is subjected to regular upkeep

Ensure that your horse property is cleaned and maintained regularly.

Here are a few ways to do just that - 

  • Leaves, manure, etc. should be shoveled up.

  • Gates and fences should be working order.

  • Hay storage should be free from rodents.

  • The feed should be of top quality.

  • Equipment should be safe and well maintained.

  • Space available within the property to house cars and horses should be weather-proof and well maintained.

A well-maintained horse property not only looks nice but will also compel an interested buyer to agree to your initial asking price!

Get the point!?

Adding useful amenities to the property is not a bad idea!

A horse property is unlike a home or a commercial property. Therefore, you simply cannot think that it will sell quickly after you put it in the market after typing in the following keywords in your computer, ‘sell my home shingle springs’.

If a horse property fails to offer the necessary amenities to a horse and its owner then it surely won’t be able to fetch a good price when it is being sold!

As the owner, you must ensure that your equestrian property offers necessary amenities like – 

  • Hitching posts

  • Training enclosures

  • Hot walkers

  • Wash bays

  • Stables

  • Access to water

  • Safe fencing

  • Permanent staff to remove manure

  • Covered yards, etc.

These were some of the most desired amenities an interested buyer will look for when they visit your horse property for the first time. It is best to keep in mind that a horse property is meant for horses and the amenities mentioned above do not improve the overall life of humans. All of the aforementioned amenities are crucial to ensure that the horses residing in the property will lead happy, healthy, and active lives.

If that is not the case then the chances of you getting a buyer for your property lacking the minimal amenities are scarce!

Ensure that the pastures and paddocks in the property are available

According to the opinion of a leading equestrian property real estate agent working in Shingle Springs, in the eyes of buyers looking for horse properties, an equestrian property that has well-maintained paddocks and pastures within its confines are deal-breakers!

An interested buyer will tread heaven and hell for a horse property with well-kept paddocks/pastures. This would allow an interested buyer to rotate the horses they own throughout the year. This, in turn, will keep the horses healthy and reduce the overall impact on the quality of the pasture.

So, keep the pastures and paddocks within your horse property in top form. This increases the overall market value of the property by many folds!


Be sure to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. Adding value to your horse property will allow you to sell the same at a higher price. It will also give you the upper hand when you are negotiating with an interested buyer. If all else fails, be sure to hire a renowned horse property realtor, for the best results!

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