Investment Properties El Dorado Hills

Investment Properties El Dorado Hills


All types of investment properties in El Dorado Hills including residential and commercial

Here at Callie Homes, we don’t just offer residential homes for people and families who are looking for new places to live. We also specialize in investment properties for those who are looking to expand their investment opportunities in real estate. Whether you are looking to buy homes to rent out, apartment complexes for sale, short sales or commercial real estate and office space that you can rent out to other businesses, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for at Callie Homes. There are many investment properties currently available in El Dorado Hills, so it is easy to find perfect properties that match your requirements precisely. Let us help you find the ideal investment properties for you in El Dorado Hills!

Benefits of buying investment properties in El Dorado Hills

El Dorado Hills is a great place to live and work. It’s experiencing a population boom, with a lot of people moving into the area to take advantage of the work opportunities and the great places to live. That translates into investment and business opportunities for you! People who are moving into the area are going to be looking for places to live, and many of them won’t be looking to buy their own homes for a while after they move. It is popular to rent a house for a while after moving to a new city, to give yourself time to look around and see what the best neighborhoods are to live in. For young people moving into the city, they are going to have to build up a work history with the company they have started on with before they will even qualify for a loan to buy their own house. Their need for a rental place is YOUR opportunity. With investment properties, either in the form of apartments or single-family homes, you can provide up and coming newcomers to El Dorado Hills with a place to stay while making a passive income yourself. Most of the time you can grab a short sale or bank owned home.

There are also enormous opportunities in commercial investment properties in the El Dorado Hills area. From hole in the wall restaurants to major businesses that need huge buildings, there are always new and exciting businesses opening up in this booming little part of California. If you own prime commercial real estate in a spot that gets a lot of traffic and attracts customers, then you will have no problem renting it out to business owners as a place to locate their own business. Again, it’s passive income for you and a great investment opportunity as well.

Residential Investment Opportunities in El Dorado Hills

There are many different kinds of residential investment opportunities for you to choose from in El Dorado Hills. Apartments are an obvious choice that many real estate investors prefer. Whether you are looking to buy a whole apartment complex or a large older house that has been split into several different apartments, the business of rental housing is a great investment opportunity. Your customers or residents will expect that their apartments be kept in good repair and that someone be available to fix anything that breaks. Otherwise, residential real estate investment provides a completely passive income that you can take advantage of just for the price of buying the property!

Single-family homes are also a popular residential investment opportunity. Many people prefer to rent a home instead of an apartment. This is especially true when a family has children or pets and wants enough room to run around in a back yard. A lot of real estate investors get a fixer-upper for a song, use their own tools and elbow grease to make it look great, and then rent it out for very attractive prices. The way you do your residential real estate investment is up to you – just have fun and enjoy your passive income!

Commercial Investment Opportunities in El Dorado Hills

  • Business Parks
  • Apartment Complex
  • Duplex
  • Quadplex
  • Short Sale
  • Foreclosures
  • and more!

With all the new businesses opening up in El Dorado Hills, there is a ton of demand for commercial rental properties. You can capitalize on that interest and demand with commercial investment opportunities from Callie Homes. We list everything from main street storefronts to industrial buildings, so if anyone is selling a piece of commercial property you can pretty much count on seeing it listed at Callie Homes. We will also work with you to determine your own interests and requirements for your commercial real estate investment. Give us a call today and let us know what you are looking for and what your budget is, and we will get started immediately on finding you the perfect piece of investment property for your business model.

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