Foreclosures Shingle Springs

Foreclosures Shingle Springs

At Callie Homes Real Estate Agent, we specialize in foreclosures in Shingle Springs, CA.

If you are looking for a great value on a home in Shingle Springs, we highly recommend that you consider the benefits of a foreclosure or a bank owned home. You can find great deals on foreclosures whether you are looking for residential homes, investment properties, condos, town homes, or horse properties.

Residential homes for sale in Shingle Springs

These are the most common kinds of foreclosures. Generally, they happen because a homeowner gets into a loan and after a while is no longer able to make the monthly mortgage payments. This can happen due to job loss or the incurring of other debt and expenses, or it can happen because of an adjustable rate mortgage where the payments were affordable for the first few years and then later rose to a level that the borrower could no longer afford. The bank repossesses the property and then sells it at a low price, aiming to sell it quickly and recoup its loss rather than make a profit. You can get a much bigger home than you might have originally expected by looking at foreclosures for your residential home needs. At Callie Homes Real Estate, we can help you find the home of your dreams at an affordable budget price.

Investment properties for sale in Shingle Springs

Investment properties are properties that the buyer intends to make a profit on, either by renting it out or by fixing it up and selling it for a higher price. If you are looking at buying an investor property, foreclosures are a great place to start because of their low price, which increases your profit margins. We have many entrepreneurs who buy foreclosures in order to advance their business plans. If you are looking for an investor property and are considering foreclosures and bank owned properties, give Callie Homes Real Estate a call today and we will help you find what you need for your business.

Condos and town homes for sale in Shingle Springs

The difference between condos and townhomes and conventional houses is that the former two are houses which are built in a block with other similar homes. They may be rented out, or they may be sold. As with stand-alone homes, if a homebuyer is not able to make mortgage payments on a condominium or townhome, the bank often repossesses the property and puts it up for sale as a foreclosure. If you are interested in the cozy neighborhood life of a condominium or a townhome and are working on a budget, call Callie Homes Real Estate about foreclosed condos and town homes, and we will help you find the home that meets all your needs.

Horse property for sale in Shingle Springs

While Shingle Springs is a booming area with a lot of growth currently happening, there are many properties in the area that are spacious and have enough acreage for horses. If you are looking for horse properties in Shingle Springs, we can help you find the properties you are looking for and we will search the foreclosures that are on the market to see which ones are spacious enough for your needs. We can also make note of the specifications you are looking for and let you know if a house comes on the market that meets your needs. Give Callie Homes Real Estate Agent a call today!

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